The INTS is a body of scientists who attempt parity between brain and spinal cord injury research while preserving, as best as possible, equality in geographic location, gender and basic science versus clinical emphasis.

The purpose of the INTS is to foster the worldwide dissemination of Neurotrauma research and to supervise International Neurotrauma symposia throughout the world.

The intention continues to be to alternate the venue of the symposium meetings between Australasia, Europe and the Western Hemisphere every two or three years.  To do so, the INTS authorizes a local host for each meeting and assists the local host’s organizing committee thorough the International Scientific Advisory Board of the INTS.


Since its inception in 1995, the INTS Symposia have generated more enthusiasm for neurotrauma research and the INTS itself has grown and prospered as a society that enables researchers to connect at conferences all over the globe. The local organizers, International Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Committee have all gained experience in how to deliver the highest quality science in ways that are true to the mission of the Society.


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